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Meet the Photographer

I’m Tiarra Kidd as Nashville, Tn based photographer. 27 years of age.

I use to live my life in front of the camera now I found more joy behind the camera. Bartend and modeled my way through school graduated in 2018 with a B.A in Liberal Art Communications focusing on Tv and film. Did some time out in Hollywood. Did some amazing work for the Entertainment Commission for the state of Tennessee and was able to work on a few well-known celebrity Country artist, music videos.

Took a break from all that for about a year and just focus on bartending on Broadway. Found out I was having my first nephew in 2019. This was the first baby out of my sibling and I. So, I was very excited.

I started watching video on YouTube about how to shift my career from videography to photography so I can be the family photographer. I already invested in a nice camera in college but decided to buy cheap backdrops and lighting and some baby props. I stated studies for months. Unfortunately, I was unable to take his photos due to his 2week earlier emergency arrival. Cute newborn pictures were the last thing on my mind traveling back to Ohio to finally meet him.

I started offering free newborn photos service to some of my close expecting friends to get some use out of those props. Didn’t aspect for people to really think my photos was that good for people to pay for them. I then received multiples message of random people trying to book me. I got to work and started learning as much as I could, turning a cute idea into a hobby then into a career. From online workshops and in person training under some of the best newborn photographers in the United stated. To capture your little pressures moments growing to treasure forever.

What Clients Are Saying

Ryan & Michelle

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